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What’s the happy news? And do you plan to let the cat out of bag using Save the Date Magnets? Then you are right here…

Our life is largely defined with those turn of events, which may bring happiness or sadness. We all try to stride over those moments of huge ecstasy or grief with our loved ones. The moments of grief will simply inflict pains throughout the lifetime, but those moments of happiness will help us to keep going against all odds. We all love to savor the presence of our dear ones, friends and well-wishers to bring any happy occasion and always depend on some announcement interfaces (such as emails, SMS, phones, and cards) to inform them about a brilliant development in our lives. Have you ever tried to use save the date magnets to let the cat out of bag? If no then here is why it stands a chance for trial-

  • Makes your loved ones feel special - A SMS, email, phone call, and plain old invitation card may be faster to relay messages, but they are no more considered exciting. If you wish to make your loved ones feel that they are special and mean a lot for you then its best to go for a personalized save the date magnets. Choices such as save the date photo magnets, save the date calendar magnets are some of our best sellers because people find them interesting. And love to keep them closer to their view at refrigerator doors or other ferrous surfaces.
  • Offers you a bigger canvas to paint your ideas - The best thing about a magnetic save the date invitation is that it offers you a bigger canvas to paint your ideas. Be it birthday save the date magnets, graduation save the date magnets or any other type of invitation, you can choose to customize it with all interesting ingredients such as images, quotes, and contact details over any typical canvas such as save the date photo magnets or plain save the date magnets.
  • There is a magnet for every occasion - You may get crunchy with ideas to express on occasions, but there is definitely a magnet for every occasion. Some of the specific, unique, & popular choices ( on our website) include- baby announcement magnets, typical birthday save the date magnets, class reunion promotional fridge magnet, graduation announcement save the date magnets, holiday announcement save the date magnets, photo save the date magnets, retirement announcement save the date magnet etc. These magnets can be conceptualized as save the date calendar magnets, save the date magnets photo booth, save the date magnets with pictures, etc.

Why is your special day announcement all set to become more exciting and memorable with

Announcing a special day in life is a very challenging as well as an interesting task. And we all try to make it even more special by including right elements of surprise and developing a right situation. At, we offer the right palette of ingredients to make those decisive moments dearer to heart-

  • Materializing your own ideas - A particular occasion may be dearer to your heart and we cannot deny you right to make it special in your own way. This is why we encourage the “announcement makers” to work out their save the date wedding ideas or other celebration ideas on desirable template of their choice such as save the date photo magnets or plain non picture save the date magnets. These templates can be uniquely developed in favored colors, photos, wordings or font style. Our graphic designers will be happier to assist you in customizing these highly adjustable layouts.
  • What’s the occasion? - We are proud to flaunt the biggest collection of unique save the date magnets for weddings and other occasions found on internet. These magnets are arranged as per their size (2 x 3.5 -6x4 inches), shapes (photo booth, classic, large, mini, heart shaped and coffee cup) and occasions (weddings, baby announcements, graduation announcement, class reunion, save the date birthday, retirement announcement, and holiday’s announcement).
  • What’s your idea? Free and Assured Assistance from Beginning to End - We offer free assistance from the moment a decision maker decides to pursue any save the date magnets templates on this website. If you cannot decide on the designs then our designers can bail them out. You just need to cooperate by sending us suitable photos, wordings, or any other special characters and we will revert back with first online design proof in 24 hours. We offer free art set up, and free customization and help these decision makers to set the ideas on a right track. Zero payment is charged until the design approval, and after payment, production ensues. Next, you just need to stretch back and eagerly await the footsteps at your door, which will be delivered for free!
  • Cost Savings - Everyone have a different mindset when it comes to celebrating special occasions or observing special moments in life. However, most of us tend to celebrate it with our special ones, whereas few of us may bring it in privacy. The ones who wish to celebrate it with their special ones and wish to employ custom save the date magnets (for announcing their special day) do understand the associated costs that may follow. We have tried to offer maximum cost savings on their orders by offering free shipping, discounts, and free customization.
  • Environment Friendly - As discussed above in one or the other way we are committed to include all our near ones in celebrations. Similarly we do have certain commitments with environment and it should be followed during celebrations too. If someone have decided to announce their special day with custom save the date magnets (of course from our collection), then we understand that it should be unique and environment friendly. This is the reason why all our save the date magnets are produced from lead free and high quality recycled materials in USA itself.

We offer best competitive prices over internet and any proven price challenges will be rewarded with 10% discount.

To know about any save the date photo magnets or cheap save the date magnets with pictures, or typical choices such as graduation save the date magnets, reunion save the date magnets, save the date birthday announcement magnets. OR to discuss about incorporating some simple, specific or unique save the date wedding ideas within save the date magnets with pictures, save the date photo magnets or over plain canvas, please feel free to reach out to us at 855-7 MAGNET [855-762-4638] OR feel free to contact us, as our experts will be elated to guide you through the right magnet choice to spruce up the occasion.


I was crying in ecstasy when I received this parcel of save the date wedding magnets. I have never thought that this small investment will turn so beautiful and wish to thank you guys for all support that you gave during the process.
- Julie. Stevens from San Bruno,
Save the date photo magnets, which I have ordered for my brothers pre-wedding announcement were simply awesome and everyone loved them. I am planning to emulate the same enthusiasm and ecstasy during my sister’s wedding in this late summer. I wanna say guys’ “three cheers to your professional acumen and good work”. Just keep doing this until and after all my family members, friends, and near ones get married!
- Samora. J from Pompton Lakes,
New Jersey

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